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Sakurai goes over Smash Bros. Ultimate's Small Battlefield, talks online play, rollback netcode considerations, and more

9 monthes ago   |   By Go Nintendo

Masahiro Sakurai is back with another Famitsu feature. This time around, he goes over the addition of the Small Battlefield stage, along with the intricacies of online play. Check out the translation below, courtesy of PushDustIn and Sephazon .
- although Battlefield is often used in 1v1 competitive play, it was originally designed for 4 players
- this is why Battlefield is slightly tall and wide
- Small Battlefield removes the top middle platform and brings the left and right platforms closer together
- it would've been impossible to make 100 ‘Small Battlefield' style stages
- the team...
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You Won't Need PlayStation Plus for Rocket League Once It Goes Free-to-Play

You Won't Need PlayStation Plus for Rocket League Once It Goes Free-to-Play

9 monthes ago   |   By PlayStation LifeStyle

Psyonix shared plans for Rocket League's forthcoming free-to-play venture several weeks ago. However, one big question was left unanswered at the time. Will PS4 and Switch users still need PlayStation Plus and Nintendo Switch Online to enjoy Rocket League's online features once free-to-play launches? The answer is simple. No, these services will not be required.
A recent blog post on Rocket League's website confirmed as much in a section designated “Other Things to Know.”
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Rocket League Won't Need Switch Online or PlayStation Plus Once It's Free-to-Play

9 monthes ago   |   By US Gamer

That once agains leaves Xbox as the odd platform out.
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When Rocket League goes free-to-play it won't require PS Plus, Switch Online

9 monthes ago   |   By VG 247

You will no longer need to use PlayStation Plus or Switch Online to play Rocket League when it goes free-to-play. Psyonix has announced that Rocket League players will no longer need to have a subscription to PlayStation Plus or Switch Online to play the game online. The news was announced in a recent blog post on the official website. Rocket League is going free to play this summer, and the core gameplay will remain the same, but the main menus will be refined. An update on current platforms will be rolled out in the next few weeks around mid-September, and the launch of free-to-play will...
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